Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Ashley focused on our dog Coopers individual behavioral issues. She not only teaches obedience but she does it in a way that our anxious dog feels more confident in himself and in us. She teaches it's not just the dog but the person giving the direction. I realized a lot of times that is was me, not my dog LOL. Ashley is super patient. My wife is deaf and Ashley made her fee comfortable through the whole training. So if you want a trainer who knows what she is doing, is patient, builds a rapport with you and your dog, she's your trainer!

Sarah Yates May 2019

Previously, Ember was very dog aggressive due to fear, after working with her for only two 45 minute sessions Ember is now able to be off leash and calm in large groups of dogs! Ember and I had a very successful visit to the dog park today, thanks to you!

Ember February 2019

Ashley is great with dogs. She goes above and beyond. She made adjustments as needed along the way to suit your animal. Definitely recommend!

Haley February 2019

Ashley was a life saver with our rescue Raider. He went from being overly excited, humping, jumping and mouthy to a perfect gentleman. He is truly a different dog than he was at the beginning of the summer.

Raider February 2019

This team is incredibly knowledgeable about dog behavior and training. Their techniques are effective and have helped create a better bond with our new puppy, as well as with our first dog. They have given us tons of support throughout our first weeks/months with our new puppy. They are dedicated to helping us raise a well adjusted dog and I couldn't be happier with the support they have given us.

Jessica February 2019

Ashley is amazing and so patient with the families and the dogs. My son had special learning needs and Ashley has helped work with him to train our princess. We love working with Ashley!

Jill February 2019

Ashley is absolutely the best! As new dog owners she is patient, knowledgeable and created a training plan specifically for our needs. We highly recommend her if you are looking for a knowledgeable, compassionate and purposeful dog trainer.

Terry February 2019

Ashley and her team were beyond knowledgeable with their craft. They were able to teach me various methods and techniques to teach my dog how he was expected to behave in any situation. Additionally, they were very flexible with schedules and coordinating the best time that worked for everyone. I would definitely recommend her over anyone any day. Very much worth the money!

TJ February 2019

Having Ashley help us with training our German Shepherd puppy was the best decision we could have made. She is extremely knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond for us in more ways than can be described. She never makes you feel rushed, is extremely attentive, and is always willing to answer questions and provide guidance. Leyna has more than thrived from her training and has done amazing. Ashley has also given us the tools not only to train certain things, but to understand the dog mentality and apply it to different scenarios. Ashley is awesome and we recommend her every chance we can!

Lauren February 2019

Her puppy class has been very helpful! I have learned so much about dogs and behavior that I feel confident raising my puppy and love that I can always depend on her to be there if anything is wrong no matter when.

Phillip February 2019

Ashley is a great trainer! We have 2 dogs with very different personalities. She was able to help us with training them both in a way that was personalized for each dog. After just one training session we saw progress while walking on a leash (no more pulling!) Now both dogs are able to walk on a heel without us even holding their leashes! I highly recommend Smashingly Respectful to get the most out of training for both you and your dog.

Leigha February 2019

Our pup Olivia (Livy) is a half lab/half shepherd mix full of energy and smart as can be. Ashley has done a fantastic job training her and giving her the skills and manners any owner would be thrilled to have in their pup. Actually, Ashley has far exceeded our expectations. Livy was a private/board client and stayed with Ashley for a little over 2 weeks. The day she came home I was blown away. She responded to commands quickly and was so well behaved. Before training Livy was very difficult to walk, full of energy, jumping, nipping at my legs, I can not only walk Livy with ease, I can walk her with my older lab Bella as well. Life has been great! In addition to the boarding and training sessions, we hear from Ashley regularly to check on Livy and she is always ready to help with any questions we may have. She is well worth every penny we paid! It has been a blessing to have such a knowledgable, respectful, caring and just nice as can be trainer. If I could give her 10 stars I would. Thank you for changing our lives! You are amazing!

Carole February 2019

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