Limitless Canines

Limitless Canines

Limitless Canines

We train dogs...

by training their people

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Having Ashley help us with training our German Shepherd puppy was the best decision we could have made. She is extremely knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond for us in more ways than can be described. She never makes you feel rushed, is extremely attentive, and is always willing to answer questions and provide guidance. Leyna has more than thrived from her training and has done amazing. Ashley has also given us the tools not only to train certain things, but to understand the dog mentality and apply it to different scenarios. Ashley is awesome and we recommend her every chance we can!

People bring their dogs to us with these issues:

  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Pulling on the leash
  • New Puppy Owners
  • Off-leash Obedience
  • Hyperactivity
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